CAB Artists: Get Involved

This website has been created to showcase the emerging and professional creative work that takes place in the Cornelia Arts Building. Your participation makes it that much better! A minimal financial commitment to cover the costs of the domain name, hosting and marketing for the building. If each participant can give $5, 10, or 20/year we can cover the costs of the site and any extra will be put towards marketing building-wide events. Are you ready to join us?

5 ways you can participate in the CAB Community

1. Create your Profile Page

Please prepare the following items:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Studio #
  3. Artist’s Statement/Bio
  4. Profile picture or general studio image (WEB READY, approximately 700 pixels on longest side at 72dpi)
  5. Web URL (if any)
  6. Facebook Page Link (if any)
  7. THREE .jpg images of your work  (WEB READY, approximately 700 pixels on longest side at 72dpi)

Submit your information here.

2. Write for Us!

You can now post their very own event announcements, news and images on our NEWS page. If you are interested in blogging please request an invite by writing to info [at] corneliaartsbuilding [dot] com.

3. Submit Your Exhibit or Event for our Calendar

C.A.B. artists may submit exhibit listings for the calendar. Please include:

  1. Your name
  2. Title of the show
  3. name of space/venue
  4. Complete address
  5. Specific start and end dates, specific hours (if any)
  6. Any other Opening/Closing reception info.
  7. An image for our blog. (jpg, gif or png only)

Write to info [at] corneliaartsbuilding [dot] com. Please be patient; we are all volunteers and we will do our best to post your listings in a timely manner.

4. Promote Events & Shows

Help promote your peers and your own work!

Distribute postcards:Make event conspicuous with postings at local businesses, art-related venues, bulletin boards, and send to your professional mailing list. Available after 2/15 in the main hallway!

Newsletters: Send out those email announcements for events and shows. Include a link to your profile page on this site!

Tell A Friend: Create a buzz by talking about your studio events and the arts community that you are a part of! Use Facebook andTwitter updates to generate interest…

Linkage: Reciprocal links are good for everyone. Link back to your profile page on your website, LinkedIn page, blog, and facebook pages.

5. Want to do more?

Below are a few ways that you can help make the site and building events even better:

  • Building Organizers: Planners/communicators who will plan and set event dates as well as the occasional building-event/project meeting.
  • Publicity: An individual or team that wants to create and send press-releases to media outlets for all of our events! Templates and a starter mailing-list available.
  • Web Programmers: If you are a web programmer or developer and want to help out, we need you.
  • Designers: Anyone who wants to design flyers, postcards etc. for events. A building-wide event postcard in addition to individual postcards will help add focus to events and make C.A.B. an art destination!
  • Spread the Word: Tell people about the new Cornelia website. Include a link to your profile page on your website and in your own promotional materials.

To volunteer please write to: info [at] corneliaartsbuilding [dot] com